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Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals
628 Cambridge St.
Stafford, VA 22405
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Welcome to Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals



Our Throw away Society

We are compelled to speak the truth about the holocaust affecting our companion animals in this country every minute of every day.  Look at this photo and ask yourself whether the affluence of our country has turned it into a, "throw away" society? Has consumerism twisted our values to a point where one's convenience over shadows our responsibilities to our animals? Think about it.  If it doesn't work any more, we throw "it" away.  But, this isn't a non-working refrigerator or a pair of boots out of fashion.  These are living and breathing lives with emotions.  This is the loving cat or dog who licked your face and curled up in your lap.  No, "they" will not likely find "it" a home.  This innocent animal will end up like the animals in the photo above.  Our throw-away society has reduced over four million animals per year to rubbish, like that old pair of boots.

 Before you adopt an animal, please consider the responsibility.  Think it all the way               through.  Adopting an animal requires the same commitment as adopting a child.  Ask yourself whether you have the time to spend with the animal?  Are you willing and able to train your new furry family member.  Do you have the financial resources for veterinary care and proper nutrition?  If your pet required a life saving surgery, could you or would you pay for it?  If the answer is, "no," please remember the photo above and just walk way. Don't become a member of the, "throw-away" society.  


Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals is a 501(c)(3) Guidestar charity dedicated to ending animal cruelty. 

Stafford Animal Welfare Charity | Saint Seton's Orphaned Animals | 540-371-7729

628 Cambridge St.
Stafford, VA 22405

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